On-the-go breakfasts from Of The Earth

The newest additions to Of The Earth Superfoods’ offer are instant cereal pots combining 50% organic superfoods and 50% organic oats.

The on-the-go superfood pots are gluten-, nut- and dairy-free, and are available in three varieties.

Power of Red Superfoods combines Peruvian lucuma and raw coconut with baobab powder, beetroot powder, goji berries and strawberries along with oats, hemp and linseeds; Power of Brown Superfoods contains Peruvian cacao and maca powder, raw coconut nectar and banana flakes; and for a cleansing breakfast, Power of Green Superfoods consists of spirulina, pearl green matcha tea, lucuma powder and raw coconut nectar.

The pots have a spoon enclosed and are made by adding hot or cold water for a superfood breakfast anytime, anywhere.