A new brand of hemp and organic cotton clothing for children, Poco Rosso, has launched to offer an affordable and ethical choice to parents.

Offered in an array of ‘funky’ colours, the range is initially focusing on three age ranges – three to four, five to six, and seven to eight – and is looking to expand to other sizes, colours and styles next year.

poco rosso 2In dark green, red, grey and cobalt blue, the clothing offer consists of Hemp and Organic Cotton Fleece Billy Hoodie; Sweatpants; Leggings; Turtle Neck Long-Sleeved Top; Raglan Long-Sleeved Top; and Nymph Dress.

Founder Emma Parkinson commented: “I am so excited about the launch and that this new range gives parents an affordable choice of organic clothing for their kids. It’s very important to me as a mum too that the clothes are fun as well as long lasting and are not expensive as children grow so quickly.”

She adds: “Ethics are at the core of my business. I am driven by getting a high quality product at affordable prices out there. What’s important to me is to bring something that is of benefit to everybody, not just a niche market”.

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