Primavera introduces seven-day anti-ageing treatment

New from Primavera organic skincare brand comes the Revitalizing 7-Days-Radiance Treatment, which offers to help skin appear younger, restored and rejuvenated in just seven days.

The pack contains seven capsules containing organic oils including rose to boost production of collagen and elastin, restore suppleness and give skin a firmer appearance; pomegranate to revitalise mature skin and smooth lines and wrinkles and sooth minor inflammation; grape kernel which supports skin structure and is high in antioxidants; and jojoba to nourish and moisturize to promote a radiant complexion.

“Our Revitalizing 7-Days-Radiance Treatment allows mature skin to recapture the radiance and freshness of younger skin in one week,” explains Esther Cooney from Primavera. “By harnessing the powerful anti-ageing properties of rose and pomegranate oils, along with other organic oils vital for skin structure, women can look forward to an improvement in their skin’s appearance, feel and most importantly, overall health in no time at all.”