Revive Active launches brain-boosting supplement

The latest product from Galway-based Revive Active is the food supplement Mastermind, designed to improve cognitive function and memory.

Mastermind combines: vitamin B12, which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system; vitamin B5, which aids normal mental performance; zinc for normal cognitive function; and omega-3 fatty acid DHA (algae-sourced, making it suitable for vegetarians) for the maintenance of normal brain function.

The concept of the supplement was based on research by MIT Cambridge and is approved by researchers at the University of Northumbria who helped the company develop the final formulation.

Daithi O’Connor, Revive Active’s MD, said the university team are regarded as experts in their field of brain performance nutritional research within Europe. “They worked closely with our director of R&D Dr Daniel Jones and made a number of suggestions before signing off on the final formulation.”

He added: “Having researched what was previously available, it is evident that Mastermind has raised the bar. This is probably the best health food supplement formulation for cognitive function and memory health available.”