Southampton charity brews coffee BySea


International maritime charity Sailors’ Society has launched two new coffee blends in a bid to raise awareness and diversify its income.

BySea Coffee is a commercial first for the Southampton-based charity and represents a sea change in coffee, with 100% of profits supporting the charity’s work with seafarers and their families around the world.

Ethically-sourced and socially responsible, the first two blends from India and Brazil were specifically chosen as the charity is expanding its work in these countries.

Sailors’ Society CEO, Stuart Rivers, said: “More than 90% of everything we own and use comes by sea, by seafarers who are typically away from home for nine to 12 months facing violent storms, loneliness and isolation, and even piracy and terrorism. BySea, even just by the name, reminds us of the journey our coffee has made before it reaches our cup.

“Sailors’ Society will be 200 years old in 2018 and looking to the future we are finding ways of diversifying our income; everyone needs coffee so this is a way every individual, office and church can help support the work we do, whether that’s helping a seafarer talk to loved ones back home or building classrooms for children in the Philippines.”