Gourmet Spirulina, the first spirulina food range, has launched in the UK in a bid to take spirulina from dietary supplement to tasty superfood.

The new range of convenient foods consists of Crunchies, Nibs and Petals which are rich in vitamins, iron and antioxidants, and have a high phycocyanin rate of between 18% and 25%.

Spirulina Petals are described as delicate in taste and texture, and can be used to sprinkle on desserts, eaten in a dried fruit mix or as an on-the-go snack. Spirulina Nibs are the mildest of the spirulina superfoods so are aimed at those who are new to the taste of raw spirulina. The nibs are said to be the first of their kind in the UK and Europe, as are the Spirulina Crunchies which have a crispy texture making them ideal for snacking. They can also be added to everyday dishes and smoothies.

The 100% spirulina is dehydrated at ambient temperatures below 42°C to preserve the natural nutrients There are no additives and the range is packed in zip-lock pouches.

The Gourmet Spirulina range carries the Made in Respect logo, a fair trade certification audited by Ecocert, and is registered with The Vegan Society and approved by The Vegetarian Society.

The products are available from CLF, The Health Store and Natural Dispensary. The range is being backed by a national TV, radio, press, magazine and online PR campaign, and samples, flyers and tasting sessions are available to retailers.

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