Superfoodies serves up brekkie

super foodies

Superfoodies has introduced a range of superfood breakfast products designed to kick-start your day, the healthy way.

Recently reformulated and re-priced, the granola also has fully redesigned packaging to help it stand out on the shelf. Containing nuts, seeds, fruits and superfoods, the granola is raw, vegan and organic and comes in three flavours: Brown Granola Cacao Nibs & Maca; Green Granola Coconut & Spirulina; Red Granola Goji & Acai.

Superfoodies Chia Breakfast is based on the South American chia seed or ‘running food’ to help to get your omega 3:6 ratio where it needs to be for optimal health, as well as keeping yourself going from breakfast to lunch without a mid-morning dip. The Chia Breakfast is available in three flavours: Pineapple & Almond; Goji & Acai; and Cacao & Vanilla.