Therapeutics range blends science with organics

The just-launched Therapeutics skin, hair and bodycare range from Essentially Yours has been created by dermatologist John Hamilton to offer a comprehensive, all-natural yet scientifically-based solution to problem skin.

Combining breakthrough research with pure, organic ingredients, Therapeutics is based on naturopathic rather than chemically-derived formulas which aim to address individual skin concerns such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, rosacea, spots and acne as well as general sensitivity.

Therapeutics combines 100% botanical plant ingredients, essential and vital oils containing vitamins, proteins and minerals designed to feed skin cells and make them stronger and healthier.

“Many people have been to the doctor, the hospital, had treatments, used every product under the sun, but are still having problems. In fact, often their condition is getting worse. The very sad fact is that they are continuing to slather their skin with products full of chemicals on a daily basis. And this is 90% of their problem,” comments Hamilton. “It’s not just about using natural ingredients, it’s also about how you use those ingredients and the way they are formulated together.”

The new offer is divided into three problem areas: products for eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis include Body Wash, Moisturizing Cream and Sensitive Skin Hand Wash; rosacea is targeted with formulas including Orange & Angelica Face Wash, Avocado & Orange Moisturizer as well as a Full Rosacea Kit; and acne/spots are given the full treatment with Face Wash Anti-bacterial, Serum and the Kill ‘Em Dead Spot Kit.