A Fife health store has celebrated its 30 year anniversary by launching a school fundraising scheme whereby 5% of all its online sales will be donated to nominated schools in the area.

Keren Brynes MacLean (pictured), owner of Health Food and More – a health food store, clinic and dispensary – was spurred to create the initiative because of how schools are being denied the usual round of fundraisers due to the COVID-19 crisis.

“It seemed fitting to mark this anniversary by giving back to the community,” says Brynes MacLean. “The initiative will be rolled out in Fife initially, but we have plans to go national if it takes off.”

It seemed fitting to mark this anniversary by giving back to the community

The ongoing scheme is open to every school in the Fife region (146), each of which has been invited by email to register for the Healthy Fundraising and More initiative. Once they’ve signed up, parents and supporters nominate which school they want to receive a donation when they pay online for mail delivery or the store’s click and collect service.

“I have spent years on parent councils at schools and have seen first-hand the challenges of fundraising when everybody has such busy lives,” explains Brynes MacLean. “All schools benefit from fundraising, and with all the COVID restrictions in place, now is the time to look at new ways to do it.

“The idea is to take some of the hard work out of fundraising so that cash-strapped schools get a break. This is a simple and pretty effortless way for schools to raise money. They just register and let everyone know it’s available. We do the rest.”