Following the result of the EU Referendum the National Association of Health Stores is calling on the Government to cut business red tape and restrictive regulations on natural health products.

In a statement, the Association said: “The NAHS is happy that the people of the UK have had the chance to express their feeling of EU membership.  A democratic election has provided both the UK Parliament and the EU Parliament with a mandate to move forward.

“With this result we can now move forward.  The NAHS calls on the UK Government to review unnecessary, burdensome EU legislations that affect UK retailers detrimentally along with UK based issues like unfair business rates and the minimum wage.  As Napoleon once said, the UK is a nation of shopkeepers, we want to be the backbone of the British economy so we will be pressing the Government to review unwanted legislation and replace them with a more business friendly model that enables this nation of shopkeepers to get on with it without drowning in red tape!”

NAHS administrator, Avril McCracken told NPN: “There are two questions that our members will very likely be asking now. First, will we still be subject to burdensome regulations that have come out of Brussels – and will be affected by future decisions from the EC on maximum levels. Second, retailers will want to know what action the Government will take to steady the economy and minimize the effect on household spending.”


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