The latest product from Greenfrog Botanic is an all-natural, organic Out & About Disinfectant in a handy 100ml pump spray format.

The two-in-one pH neutral spray sanitizes hands and disinfects and sterilizes counters, tools and door handles, helping consumers to stay safe when out of their homes.

“This amazing disinfectant has only one ingredient: seawater,” explains brand director Nick Bridger. “This is put through a unique electrical patented cathode anode system to produce a pH-neutral anolyte which contains hypochlorous acid – the key ingredient in Out & About Disinfectant.”

Used for its effective wound treatment properties, hypochlorous acid – a World Health Organization-recognized disinfectant which is also used for wound treatment – doesn’t  dry out or irritate skin (unlike alcohol-based sanitizer) and the product kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and germs, says the brand.

Greenfrog Botanic Out & About Disinfectant comes in a light-resistant HDPE recycled bottle, is biodegradable and certified by the Vegan Society and Indocert.

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