The Great British Bloat Off – nationwide seminar tour

Two thirds of women experience bloating. “It’s not normal.” Says Patrick Holford, who has launching a campaign in March to beat the bloat.

Backed up by his new book Improve Your Digestion (Piatkus), Holford is giving seminars throughout the UK and Ireland in March including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Marlow, Belfast, Dublin, Galway, Tralee, and Wexford.

“Good health starts in the gut and bloating means you are either eating something you’re intolerant too, have a lack of digestive enzymes or dysbiosis. It is not a difficult problem to solve.”

Holford says he is looking for “Britain’s biggest bloater” and has launched a free on line Digestion Check to help find, and ‘debloat them’. “We are just analysing the results of our 100% Digestive Health survey on 66,000 people who have complete the online 100% health check. Most people are constipated. Only two in ten go to the loo every day.”

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