Green Baby Day calls for a toxic free future for our children

The Women’s Environmental Network (WEN) is advocating for a sustainable and toxin-free future for babies and children on Green Baby Day, 12 June 2024.

Green Baby Day, supported by Weleda, empowers parents and carers to make healthy, eco-friendly and affordable choices to minimise exposure to toxic chemicals, and focuses attention on the need to ensure effective chemicals regulation to protect current and future generations, especially post Brexit.

Green Baby Day 2024 marks the second year of Wen’s Green Baby campaign. This year the movement is calling for toxic chemicals to be on the public health agenda. The network cites a review of UK Chemicals regulations three years post Brexit, which reveals the UK is virtually at a standstill when it comes to banning and regulating toxic chemicals.

Statistics from Wen’s Green Baby survey show that 90% of parents are concerned or very concerned that the toxic chemicals in baby products can harm health; 89% thought harmful chemicals in baby products should be banned, with 11% assuming they already had been banned; 77% think the UK government is not doing enough to protect us from harmful chemicals; and 95% think we have a right to a toxic-free future, stating exposure to toxic chemicals, air pollution and the impacts of climate change to be the top concerns in relation to babies and children’s health.

Wen’s Expert Health Advisor Helen Lynn commented: “We are sleepwalking into the next health emergency, with the government and business ignoring the clear link between exposure to toxic chemicals and adverse health impacts for babies and children. The developing foetus is particularly sensitive to even minute levels of certain chemicals that can cause cancers, birth defects and reduce fertility. The UK now lags behind in regulation of toxic chemicals and so it is key that we lobby our governments and policy makers to make the right decisions to keep us safe.”

Jayn Sterland, Managing Director of Weleda UK, added: “Of particular concern to Weleda, as a pregnancy and baby skin care manufacturer, are the Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) found in personal care products, which have the potential not only to negatively impact our own hormones (for example thyroid health) but that of future generations. For example the EDC triclosan can still be found in some antibacterial washes and oral care products – exposure during pregnancy is of particular concern as it has been shown to cross the placenta.”

The awareness day will be marked by a discussion panel asking ‘Why aren’t toxic chemicals on the public health agenda?’, taking place at 6pm on 12 June at Amnesty International in London. High-profile speakers include obstetrician and Scientific Advisor to Global Black Maternal Health and Tommy’s Charity, Dr Karen Joash, Green Party peer Baroness Natalie Bennett, Seyi Falodun-Liburd from We Level Up, Susanne Astic, Policy and Advocacy Advisor on Children’s Rights and Chemicals, CRIN. The panel will be chaired by Wen’s Expert Health Advisor Helen Lynn.

The event will include a Q&A session stalls, food and refreshments, and tickets are available at

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