CPRE warns of ‘supermarket monoculture’ threat to local food

New research from rural advocates The Campaign to Protect Rural England highlights the importance of independent shops to local food networks.

The Field to Fork reports showcase the social, economic and environmental benefits that local food brings communities – and explains how they’re threatened by supermarket expansion.

The report reveals how half of many local retailers’ stock is made up of local produce, while supermarkets only stock one to two per cent.

“Local food webs rely on a diverse system of outlets, as well as public support,” said CPRE’s senior local food campaigner Graeme Willis.

“If these networks are allowed to break down, it could lead to a loss of jobs, loss of diversity in our high streets and loss of local distinctiveness.”

“In many areas we are already far down the road to a supermarket monoculture. This is not good for local food and it’s not good for consumer choice.”

Read the research online at www.cpre.org.uk/news/view/739