ERNA sets out the facts on vitamins and health

The European Responsible Nutrition Alliance (ERNA) this week published a new information book setting out the scientific facts on the safety and health benefits of vitamins, minerals and other food components.

The fact book was developed to provide an overview of information available in scientific literature and also to “correct misapprehensions” about the role and effects of nutrients.

As well as underlining the importance for health of vitamins, minerals, carotenoids and other bioactive substances, the book looks at food sources of nutrients, the implications of processing and cooking and the important contribution of to dietary intakes from supplements (along with tyical dosage ranges across Europe).

“Advances in research and technology means that the health-promoting benefits of these substances can be captured and presented in a convenient form that is widely available,” said Patrick Coppens, Secretary General of ERNA. “The fact book was developed in light of the expansion of the Food Supplement Directive and in support of the vast array of scientific studies showing the beneficial role of vitamins, minerals and other substances for the maintenance and improvement of health.”

Click here to download Facts about Vitamins, Minerals and other Food Components with Health Effects