ESSNA calls on industry to report illegal practices

The European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance (ESSNA) is urging anyone who might be aware of illegal activity by sports nutrition organisations to step forward and report them.

The sports nutrition trade group has created a dedicated form on its website which allows individuals to anonymously bring to its attention non-compliant activity taking place anywhere in the EU. The form is aimed at both ESSNA members and non-members – but also consumers and members of the general public.

ESNNA says non-compliant activity can include adding illegal ingredients to sports nutrition products on sale in the EU which puts the health of consumers at risk. But it is also concerned at the “small but persistent minority of companies” who are ignoring European laws that cover the health claims they can make for their product.

ESSNA says the creation of the dedicated form on its website is the next step of an established non-compliance campaign which aims reduce the number of companies operating illegally under the sports nutrition banner in the EU. Since the campaign’s inception in 2013, ESSNA has dealt with over 50 cases of companies operating illegally.

Dr Adam Carey, Chair of ESSNA, said: “It is very important that the entire industry is vigilant and on guard against any illegal activity. There are hundreds of responsible and law-abiding sports nutrition organisations across the EU that are working tirelessly to ensure our consumers’ safety and protection, however despite our best efforts, there are still many companies out there selling dangerous products masquerading as sports supplements or misleading their customers by how they advertise their products. If we all work collectively together we are much more likely to catch the perpetrators and ensure they are shut down permanently. We hope that by providing new forms of communication this will encourage more people to step forward and help us in our efforts to rid the industry of these dangers.”

Chris Whitehouse, ESSNA’s Director of Strategy, added: “ESSNA continues to mature as an organisation, going from strength to strength. Ensuring full compliance with regulation is key to confidence in the sector’s products. I can also confirm that Protein World’s membership of ESSNA has lapsed.”