Join the night riders on World Ocean Day fund raiser!

Sustainable fish brand fish4ever is sponsoring a special night cycle to raise money for Environmental Justice Foundation’s Save Our Sea campaign.

The night riders will leave London on Friday 7 June 2013, arriving at Portsmouth on the morning of Saturday 8 June for World Oceans Day 2013.

Riders will experience the thrill of night cycling through the English countryside and the dawning day as you head over the South Downs towards the English Channel.

Charles Redfern, Fish4Ever MD and founder – and cyclist – says:

“We’ll be leaving from Oliver’s Wholefoods Store at Kew Gardens on Friday 7 June at midnight with a few urban and suburban miles to get under belts before we start to meander our way through the Surrey Hills and the ambling countryside of Surrey and Hampshire. We will have a back-up vehicle, and the pace will be leisurely at 10 miles an hour with rest-breaks on the 70 mile trip.

posterCyclists will be rewarded with a delicious breakfast with Fish4ever and bacon from locally bred pigs and other good produce – all cooked freshly by a chef from Clerkenwell’s Modern Pantry restaurant.

There is a £50 registration charge – call or email Paul Davies of EJF 0207 239 3310 / [email protected]