Legislation: Here’s the lowdown

With key legislation affecting the health food trade about to turn critical, it’s crucial that all natural products professionals stay fully up to date on developments that are about to directly impact their businesses.

At a special seminar at Natural & Organic Products Europe we have brought together three well-known figures from the natural products sector to help answer your questions about the Food Supplements Directive, THMPD and Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation.

This session will:

• Bring retailers, suppliers and supporters up to date on key legislation
• Highlight important upcoming developments
• Discuss actions — that all stakeholders can take — to help achieve the best outcomes for British industry and British consumers
• Identify ‘best way forward’ options
• Consider opportunities to strengthen networks, leverage social media to achieve the above

The seminar will include a 20 minute Q&A. Email your question to [email protected] or come ready with one!

Legislation: Getting the Best Outcome for Britain — Monday April 4, 15.15-16.15, Keynote Theatre, Olympia

Chair Jim Manson, editor, Natural Products

Expert panellists: Graham Keen, executive director, HFMA; Sue Croft, director, CHC; Mike Abrahams, Wild Oats, Bristol