Leicester Herbalist elected IRCH president

In recognition of his considerable experience, and valuable contributions to the field of natural medicine Mohammed Salim Khan, Director of Mohsin Health in Leicester, has been elected president of the International Register of Consultant Herbalists (IRCH).

This choice of president demonstrates the ‘broad church’ of the IRCH, which recognises the validity of richness of the various traditions in natural medicine.
Salim said: “It is an honour to be recognised by the IRCH. I have had a long journey with the IRCH, from my early days as a student, then a registered Medical Herbalist, a teacher and now the president.”

Khan was trained with the IRCH 40 years ago. He founded Mohsin Health Clinic in Leicester, in 1978.The practice continues to thrive today and is serves people from the diverse local community and much further afield in the UK and abroad.

In 2011 Salim started a not-for-profit company, The College of Medicine and Healing Arts, to train a new generation of herbalists and nutritionists.

The IRCH was established in 1960, and is devoted to protecting the practice of Traditional Herbal Medicine and safeguarding the public. There are many traditions of herbal medicine in the UK. Although herbal medicine throughout history has been protected under Common Law and enshrined in the Herbalists’s Charter by Henry VIII, the practice has often been challenged by the medical establishment, and most recently by restrictive EU directives.

Salim Khan believes that access to the various traditions of natural medicine is everyone’s birthright. With the increasing pressures and stresses of modern life, h says, herbal medicine has an important part to play in helping people to stay healthy and preventing long-term illness.