Following the Government’s decision not to extend the provision of free school meals to children in England over the half term break, a new map has been designed to highlight where families can go for additional support.

The Kids Meals Map was built by communications agency PLMR in support of footballer Marcus Rashford’s #endchildfoodpoverty campaign. It shows locations up and down the country where free kids’ meals are being offered by businesses in hospitality, community groups and councils.

Any businesses which are offering support to families in need are being urged to add their details to this national resource via in order for the site to become fully representative of the help that is available at local level to vulnerable children during half term.

“If you are a business or organization that would like to help, or you are already providing free meals for children this half term and would like to be on the map, please get in touch using the form below. Food safety and child protection are of the utmost importance, so please speak with your local authority before signing up if you have any questions,” says a statement on the site’s homepage.

Data from the Food Foundation shows that 1.4 million children (18% of 8-17 year-olds) reported ‘experiences of food insecurity’ over the summer holidays, including: having to eat less or make food last longer due to lack of grocery funds (6%); parents going without in order to feed their children (5%); children feeling hungry but not eating to avoid running out of food at home (4%); not eating a proper meal because of a lack of money for food; and eating at a friend’s house due to a lack of food at home (3%).