Natrue adopts IFOAM definition of organic

Natrue has updated its labelling criteria to address the challenge of what qualifies a raw material to be considered as ‘organic’.

Natrue has now adopted the IFOAM technical definition of what constitutes an accepted organic standard and its label criteria is therefore defining organic raw materials as those being certified by a duly recognized certification body or authority to an organic standard or regulation approved in the IFOAM Family of Standards.

These new criteria aim to benefit producers, traders and consumers with an approach that IFOAM and Natrue says combines inclusiveness and integrity.

Producers certified to their local organic regulation or standard can now supply Natrue cosmetic manufacturers, provided that the local standard has been approved by IFOAM.

For its two certification categories – Natural Cosmetics with an Organic Portion and Organic Cosmetics, Natrue requires a minimum percentage of organic ingredients (70% and 95% respectively).