Non-GMO sales “skyrocket” in the US

Non-GMO sales in the US “skyrocketed” last year, according to data gathered by Nutrition Business Journal and New Hope Media.

NBJ’s research shows that products containing no GMOs – verified by the Non-GMO Project or certified organic – grew 80% in 2013, confounding sceptics who have suggested that the non-GMO movement had peaked.

The biggest growth came from Non-GMO Project verified products, which grew by 99%, while organic sales grew by 12%. By contrast, GMO-containing foods, which account for 76% of total food sales in America, grew by just 2.3%.

The research also shows how the ‘Butterfly Label’ – the mark awarded by the Non-GMO Project – has taken off the past two three years. 2,200 brands now carry the label, accounting for annual sales of $7 billion ($2.2 billion in 2011).