Organic remains dominant US eco-label

North America is reporting a surge in certified food products sales as consumers seek greater transparency from food brands, reports Organic Monitor.

The London-based analyst says that the furore over GM labelling in the US has helped consolidate organic’s position as the dominant eco-label, while GM-free labelling is the fastest growing. Other popular labels include Rainforest Alliance and Certified Humane.

Organic Monitor says that many consumers are buying organic products because they provide assurance they do not contain GM ingredients. This has helped take sales of organic food to $34 billion in the US. GM-free labeled products are also experiencing a sales spike. The market for Non-GMO Project Verified products has grown from zero to US $3.5 billion within a few years. Over 5,000 food products now carry the Non-GMO Project Verified logo in the US.

Organic Monitor says retailers are responding by providing greater transparency to consumers. Whole Foods Market is increasing its range of GM-free products; it currently has over 3,300 Non-GMO Project Verified products from over 250 brands. Trader Joe’s meanwhile states 80% of its products are GM-free, whilst all its private label products are free from GM ingredients.

• Leading figures from the US natural organic food sector will be debating these trends in detail at the Sustainable Food Summit (San Fransico, 22-23 January).