‘Save Herbal Medicine’ petition gains half million signatures in two days

A petition to ‘Save Herbal Medicine’ has secured nearly half a million signatures from supporters in just two days.

The petition has been created by Avaaz, the online global web movement aimed at empowering citizens around the world on major political and social issues.

The petition, which calls for a suspension of the EU Traditional Herbal Medicinal Products Directive, reads:

“To the European Commission and EU Governments:

As concerned EU citizens, we call on the Commission to amend the THMPD Directive, suspending the draconian measures against herbal medicines and removing all barriers to traditional remedies with a long history of use inside and outside Europe. We further call on our governments to refuse to comply with this Directive until it is amended. We have a right to choose among all remedies and medicines that can keep ourselves and our families healthy.”

The campaign organisers say the THMPD is a “draconian move that helps drug companies and ignores thousands of years of medical knowledge”. They are urging citizens across Europe to forward the campaign to friends, supporters and family to “get to 1 million voices to save herbal medicine”.