Scandinavia: High value market – with important national differences

A major new series of reports from Euromonitor International offer detailed and unique insights into health and wellness trends in Scandinavia.

The reports portray a high value regional market for natural health products and organic food – but with important national differences.

Euromonitor International researcher, Ewa Hudson, notes: “Although there are obvious similarities between the markets in the region, they are by no means totally homogenous when it comes to consumer preferences or regulatory environments.”

In terms of total annual value sales, Sweden is Scandinavia’s biggest market for health and wellness products, with sales totalling nearly €3.8 billion 2010, although Norway, Finland and Denmark and not far behind. But for per capita spend, Norway – clocking up €655 – is the clear leader.

Different cultural and regulatory regimes mean that some product categories fare better in some countries in other. Finland, for example, has a long history of innovation in fortified and functional products – and a thriving consumer market. Denmark, by comparison, with its restrictive laws on fortification, looks upon fortified or ‘functional’ foods as ‘adulterated’ or ‘synthetic’ – here food, and organic food in particular, is king.

One of the drivers of the Scandinavian health and wellness market, says Euromonitor, has been the Keyhole nutritional labeling scheme. Started in Sweden as a way of helping consumers choose healthier foods, the initiative gave rise to the Nordic Keyhole Project – evidence of just how serious the Nordic countries are about health

Tough economic conditions are likely to see CAGRs of around 1-2% in the coming few years. But Euromonitor predicts continuing “migration towards organic products” across the region and growth in the free-from category, led by lactose-free and gluten-free foods.

Country reports on Health and Wellness Trends in Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway are published by Euromonitor International at €1250 per report. Visit for more information.

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Getting there’s a breeze

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