Mintel Beauty & Personal Care has highlighted seasonality as a key trend in the beauty sector, saying that the seasons are now defining beauty regimens.

Manufacturers are increasingly producing ranges that offer defence against the effects of specific weather conditions, with seasonal products accounting for as many as 11.1% of all beauty and personal care launches in 2014 compared to 9.8% in 2011, says Mintel. And seasonal facial skincare launches rose from 0.5% of launches globally in 2009 to 1.2% in 2014.

“Our research shows that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of – and concerned about – how changes in the environment are affecting the condition of their skin and hair,” commented Jane Henderson, global president, Mintel Beauty & Personal Care.

This is leading to consumers not just looking for seasonal colours but also wanting beauty products which meet the different needs of their changing environment, seeking, for example, extra moisturizing products during winter months or hair care products which prevent frizz and damage caused by the wind and sun. In fact, Mintel found that 80% of Germans think their skin’s needs change throughout the year and that 37% of French women change their bodycare products according to the season.

People are also choosing different fragrances for different seasons, and 32% of Italian fragrance users stated an interest in fragrances with cooling or heating benefits too.

All of these demands, says Mintel, may test loyalty ties between consumer and brand, with beauty manufacturers having to work harder than ever to convince consumers that they can provide a scope of products that will be relevant and responsive throughout the year.

Vivienne Rudd, director of Insight, Beauty and Personal Care at Mintel, explained: “Traditionally, winter products?have concentrated on the hands, represented by rich creams that are said to prevent dryness and chapping. Now, a new generation of winter care products offer additional care and hydration for the skin. These tend to target dry or very dry skin and mention cold, dry weather. However, the future may see the arrival of boosters that address cold, damp weather as well as the extremes of dryness. By creating these seasonal options, brands have a chance of building year-round loyalty.”

Rudd added: “Seasonal approaches will also extend to ingredients harvested at the most opportune time, while seasonal boosters and complementary teas and tonics will join mainstream collections.”

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