Small Changes, Big Difference for Organic September

The Soil Association is asking organic brands and retailers to start sharing their ideas for this year’s Organic September.

Now in its fifteenth year, this month-long celebration of all things organic gets a new theme and a brand new look for 2013.

Explaining the thinking behind the ‘Small Changes, Big Difference’ strapline for this year’s Organic September campaign, the Soil Association’s special events co-ordinator Emma Heesom told Natural Products: “We want to encourage the idea that lots of small changes can add up to a big difference. We understand that for many people doing a whole organic shop isn’t realistic, it would be just too expensive for them. But if we can show shoppers that choosing a few organic items can bring big benefits, we think we’ll be able to take more consumers with us on an organic journey. In the same way, if we can encourage a non-organic farmer to join an organic farm visit we could be starting a sequence of events that leads to big, long-term diferences.”

As well as being a celebration of organic food and farming – concluding with the Organic Food Awards – this year’s Organic September introduces a brand new national organic skincare event and will also highlight the fast growing organic fashion and textiles sector.

The Soil Association says it wants to support your ideas and hear how your organic business plans to make a big difference this September. In the coming few weeks the organic charity will be sharing tool kits, recipe ideas and marketing materials that will enable specialist retailers and brands to maximise the opportunity to drive up organic sales in September – and also help build deeper awareness and long-term consumer loyalty.

• Look out for more information about promotional materials and events at If you have an idea you’d like to share email [email protected]