Study shows how manuka honey fights superbugs

Manuka honey may help the battle against antibiotic superbugs like MRSA according to new research, reports The Independent.

Studies by Professor Rose Cooper and her team at the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff, reveal that manuka honey interacts with three bacteria that commonly infect wounds: MRSA, Group A streptococci and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

“Our findings suggest that manuka honey can hamper the attachment of bacteria to tissues which is an essential step in the initiation of acute infections,” said Professor Cooper.

“Honey can make MRSA more sensitive to antibiotics – effectively reversing antibiotic resistance. This indicates that existing antibiotics may be more effective against drug-resistant infections if used in combination with manuka honey.”

The long-term aim of the research is to create new products mixing manuka honey with antibiotics that would help speed up the healing process and halt the spread of superbugs in hospitals.