VAT levy would be attack on natural healthcare – IAHS

The Irish Association of Health Stores (IAHS) has launched a campaign to overturn Government plans to levy 23% VAT on a range of natural health products.

The IAHS describes Irish Revenue plans to apply VAT to certain food supplements and herbal teas as “bizarre”.

The association says that the resulting price hike would undermine people’s efforts to safeguard and maintain their health, putting even greater strain on a beleaguered health service.

One retailer commented: “Treating people’s attempts to maintain their health as if it was a luxury must be seen as the last straw and has to be resisted”.

The IAHS is asking all health conscious people to make their objections to the policy heard by writing or emailing their local Fine Gael TD. The association said: “People need to let the government know that they cannot get away with this attack on natural healthcare.”

IAHS spokesperson Jill Bell added: “The IAHS is organising a short, sharp campaign, focusing on telling government TDs and Minister Noonan that taxing health food supplements would be a totally illogical step.”