Wyke Farms and OMSCo: milking post-Brexit opportunities

Wyke Farms, the UK’s largest independent cheese maker (and producer of renewable energy) has united with OMSCo, the UK’s largest organic dairy exporter, in a new joint business venture which the two parties have named The British Organic Dairy Company.

The news follows an announcement in July 2017 in which the duo outlined their plans to become the worldwide supplier of choice for organic cheese and premium cheese by-products, in order to expand their global distribution and sales. Enabling the two companies to ‘ride out uncertainties in a post-Brexit world’, and maximize opportunities, the collaboration between the two businesses will be a flexible but robust operation.

It really is a world-beating collaboration

Addressing the current under-performance of the organic cheese category, Rich Clothier, managing director and third-generation family member at Wyke Farms, says the collaboration will ‘create a solid platform to grow sales’ and allow organic dairy products to reach their potential in a growing global market, ‘now and post-Brexit’.

“This alliance brings together quality and excellence in organic dairy production, from the world’s second largest 100% organic milk producer combined with award-winning cheddar quality from Wyke Farms; the most sustainable cheese maker in the world,” Clothier continues. “It really is a world-beating collaboration!”

OMSCo, too, has expressed enthusiasm about the venture. Richard Hampton, managing director, comments: “The partnership, within which we both have an equal share, provides us with a focus to grow organic dairy opportunities together. The launch of our business-to-business brand, The British Organic Dairy Company, is an exciting development and will enable us to facilitate the sales and marketing of our products under a joint brand identity.”