You, Me and THMPD (NOTE: New timing!!!)

Please note: The screening of the film will now take place at 9.30 on Monday 4 April.

A new documentary film featuring well-known health food retailers is urging the independent retail trade to work together on the big issues of the day, such as legislation.

You, Me and THMPD is the second in the Peeled & Revealed series of magazine shows created by the owner of Food For Thought stores, Alan Martin.

In the film’s opening sequence, he says: “We’ve had a seven year transition period, and the businesses affected had seven years to apply, seven years to prepare, seven years to educate and seven years to sort out licence requirements. But now this legislation is about to come into full force.”

You, Me and the THMPD sets out to bring together the collective voice of independent health store retailers on this crucial industry issue. Frustration at the lack of information for retailers, both from the authorities and suppliers, is clearly evident. There is concern too at the low number of THR-licensed products that will be available when the transition period ends.

But as well as raising concerns, the film also urges independent retailers to work together more and see each other not as competition, but as part of a wider movement for good. “If we are to succeed with our goals, we needa group effort, a community effort,” says Martin as the final credits role.

IMPORTANT CORRECTION: The times given for the special screening of You, Me and THMPD at Natural & Organic Products Europe in the April issue of Natural Products is unfortunately incorrect. The correct time is: 9.30-10.00 Monday April 4. The screening takes place in the Keynote Theatre in the Pillar Room, Olympia