Leading the way in natural and organic beauty: NATRUE Annual Report 2023

NATRUE announces the release of its Annual Report 2023. “This comprehensive document is more than just a summary; it underscores NATRUE’s pivotal role in advocating for natural and organic cosmetics”. The report highlights how NATRUE remains a leader in promoting transparency and sustainability within the industry. It also emphasizes NATRUE’s on-going dedication to supporting consumers’ decision-making choices about the natural cosmetics and helping brands to support claims substantiation.

Dr Mark Smith, NATRUE Director General, expressed his enthusiasm about the report’s release, stating: “We are thrilled with the advancements we have made this year, reinforcing our dedication to supporting our members, label users, the broader sector, and consumers in the realm of natural and organic cosmetics. This report highlights our unwavering commitment to transparency, authenticity, and sustainability within the natural sector of the industry”.

Download here the NATRUE Annual Report 2023

Key highlights of 2023

Growth and Trust in the NATRUE Label: by the end of 2023, over 9,200 products and raw materials worldwide carried the NATRUE label, as a sign of independent certification to strict and verifiable criteria. In this context, the NATRUE Raw Material Scheme has established a transparent, harmonized framework for third-party verification, promoting accessibility and ease of procurement for formulators.
Advocacy and Regulatory influence: NATRUE has remained at the forefront of advocating for regulatory measures that support sustainability and consumer informed decision-making. All policy contributions in the natural and organic cosmetics sector has been published on the NATRUE website, underscoring the association’s commitment to transparency.
Strategic partnerships and initiatives: in 2023, NATRUE announces a supporting partnership with Commit for Our Planet, aiming to reduce the cosmetics sector’s environmental footprint in Europe; as well as with the Organic Trade Board (OTB) to raise awareness of organic beauty brands. Additionally, Dr Mark Smith, NATRUE Director General, has been appointed as the new Co-Chair for the British Beauty Council’s Sustainable Beauty Coalition, highlighting NATRUE’s leadership in promoting sustainability.
Consumer engagement: NATRUE is dedicated to engaging and educating consumers about the advantages of certification, actively developing informative resources to empower informed decision-making. Additionally, NATRUE participates as a speaker at major cosmetic events, sharing expertise on industry topics and the NATRUE standard, while also exhibiting internationally at trade shows worldwide.

Looking ahead!

NATRUE remains dedicated to driving positive change in the cosmetics industry. The association is committed to adapting the NATRUE Standard to industrial best-practices and new market developments, while maintaining our core values of authenticity, sustainability, and meeting consumer expectations.

Download here the NATRUE Annual Report 2023
Further information available at www.natrue.org

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