Littleseed extols benefits of rapeseed oil


British rapeseed start-up littleseed has launched to promote home-grown cold-pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil, produced on the brand’s own Yorkshire farm.

GM-free, littleseed’s offer consists of a 500ml bottle of Extra Virgin Cold-Pressed British Rapeseed Oil as well as a trio of 250ml flavoured oils: Pizza Drizzle Oil – with Chilli, Oregano and Garlic; Potato Wedges Oil – with Garlic and Herb; and Spicy Stir Fry Oil – with Ginger, Chilli and Garlic.

Described as having a distinctive, earthy, nutty taste, rapeseed oil can be used for baking, drizzling, dipping or roasting and frying. It’s also a good carrier of flavours and has a high heating point of around 220-230°C.

With 11 times more omega-3 than olive oil (11% total), says the brand, the oil contains 59% monounsaturated fats to promote healthy cholesterol, with less than 1% trans fats and claiming one of the lowest saturated fats of any oil.

“The health properties of different oils is an ongoing debate,” says Littleseed founder Adam Palmer. “Rapeseed is gaining momentum as the healthiest option, but there isn’t currently a mid-tier option on the supermarket shelves – and we’re conscious that the low-price points of some British rapeseed oils are not sustainable. Oil is something that consumers will always need in their cupboards – that’s why we’ve established littleseed as a healthy and affordable cooking option.”