Piccolo enters infant formula market

Organic First Infant Milk
Organic First Infant Milk

Baby food brand Piccolo has entered into the infant formula milk sector with a three-strong organic range in a bid to bring a fresh look and approach to the category.

The Organic First Infant Milk is a breast milk substitute suitable from birth; Organic Follow On Milk complements a weaning diet and is for infants from six months to 12 months; and the Organic Growing Up Milk supports a balanced diet for children aged 12 months to three years.

“We are proud to have developed a truly organic infant formula range which has considered quality and safety at every stage, and has Piccolo’s values at its core,” explains brand founder Cat Gazzoli. “We also go above and beyond regulations to provide parents with a choice that they can have 100% confidence in. The organic milk used to make our infant milks is sourced from certified organic farms and meets strict EU Organic requirements.”

Gazzoli emphasizes Piccolo’s acknowledgment that breastfeeding is best, but that parents should have choices that feel right for them when it comes to feeding their babies. Expecting her second child imminently, she says: “As a business owner working alongside new mums and experts in the baby food industry, I know no two experiences with new babies are the same, and although I am planning to breastfeed, I know things don’t always work out the way we plan.”

She adds: “I know that if, or when I decide to turn to formula milk, I want to feel 100% confident in the product. So, I got to work, consulting with experts to tailor-make a formula that works for babies and parents.”

The products are palm oil-free and the packaging is fully recyclable.