Better FoodBetter Food has released its first impact report designed to provide a snapshot of where the Bristol-based retailer is and where it would like to be in terms of its effect on people and planet.

Looking at aspects of its environmental, social and economic impact, the report considers ways in which the company’s values – organic, local and ethical – influence decisions across the business, including organic sourcing, local employment, packaging reduction and community initiatives. It features case studies highlighting examples of local farmers and producers, just a few of the many that ensure Better Food is able to source 64% of its products through local supply chains.

Better Food’s Impact Report 2021 also highlights ten targets for improvements to be made over the coming year, such as a commitment to formally measure the business’s carbon footprint, further improve team satisfaction ratings, and lower stock waste, which has recently seen an increase as shopping patterns have changed with the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions.

I see it as critical that we and all businesses take a lead on changing our ways

Phil Haughton, who founded Better Food 30 years ago, sees the report as a springboard for positive change, and called on other businesses to follow Better Food’s lead: “This report very honestly lays out where we are at this point, but … we have lots to do to measure and improve our impact going forward … I see it as critical that we and all businesses take a lead on changing our ways in order to minimize our negative and enhance our positive impacts.”

Danni Rochman, ethical sourcing coordinator, believes this is the right time for Better Food to take a closer look at its impact: “It can be easy for a small business like ours, which was founded with sustainability at its heart, to take for granted that we’ll always stay true to our mission; but the world and our business have shifted in ways we couldn’t have imagined three decades ago, and it’s important to make sure that our activities are positively contributing to a shifting definition of ‘sustainability’ itself.”

Better Food’s impact report is available online here and there are a limited number of free copies available in the retailers four stores.