Pep & Lekker sweetens offer

Pep & Lekker has given its Seed Snacks a fresh look along with introducing improved formulations and two new sweet flavours.

Low in calories, vegan and free from all 14 allergens the Vegan Society-approved snacks now come in vibrant snacking pouches which are fully compostable and recyclable.

The existing flavours — Fennel & Chia Seed, Cumin & Linseed and Rosemary & Hemp — have improved recipes with higher protein and lower sugar content

Co-founder, Susan Gafsen, says: “While overjoyed with the success we’ve enjoyed in our first year of trading  … we realized that there was so much more we could do to broaden our appeal yet further. We’ve removed sesame seeds so that each and every one of our pouches can puff out their little chests and proudly proclaim themselves to be free from all 14 allergens.”

The brand has also launched its first sweet varieties in the form of Cacao & Coconut and Apple & Cinnamon. “We’ve added sweet-themed flavours to our seedy snack repertoire so we can appeal to a wider/younger audience (on-the-go nibble, lunchbox extra, tea time treat) without compromising on our full-bodied flavours and healthy convictions,” adds Gafsen.”

Seed Snacks are high in fibre and protein and baked rather than fried, incorporating apple puree and chicory root fibre as binding agents to minimize the need for high-calorie oils.