Pikt Fresh organic delivery service aims to tackle food waste

Pikt Fresh
Pikt Fresh

Lincolnshire-based SunFresh Produce has announced the launch of Pikt Fresh, what it says offers an ethical choice for direct delivery of organic fresh produce nationwide.

The new Soil Association-certified service aims to offer a flexible and convenient way for consumers, businesses and catering outlets to order the organic fruit and veg they need, when they want it and tailored to their specific needs.

The range of boxes includes: the Homey (up to 25 portions of organic fruit and veg per box for home use); the Prepster for bars/catering, with either three (3.5kg) or five (5.5kg) compartments; and the Fruitist in standard (about 7.5kg) and large (14kg) for offices, homes, conferences, etc.

The company’s research found that customers asked for freshness, quality, selection, hassle-free delivery and zero plastic, including a way to limit food waste. “We listened and created the service everyone said they wanted, we focus on people and the planet,” says Matt Godfroy, SunFresh Produce founder and CEO. “Ruthless negotiations and unsustainable pricing created a freefall to ultimate closure if we didn’t act; Pikt Fresh is for the majority, not a select minority. We are here to support our growers and customers with choice, quality and all conducted by a business held to the highest standards, we don’t play lip service, we do it first then shout about it.”

The first box scheme to be awarded the Plastic Free Trust Mark, Pikt Fresh is B Corp certified.