Recently-launched VMS brand Prime Fifty – which offers targeted supplements for the over 50s – has just kicked off its first national TV advertising campaign on Sky.

The campaign comprises a mixture of ten- and 30-second animated commercials with the strapline ‘Over Fifty?’ and will be supported online and via social media platforms.

It focuses on educating the target over-50s audience about the four products formulated by British Scientist and Prime Fifty founder, Dr Max Gowland PhD.

“Our research showed that the over-50s physiology and health needs are different and that many are not getting the right amount of essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients they need,” commented Dr Gowland, who was directly involved in developing the campaign. “I felt that their specific needs were not being addressed and they were only being offered a one size fits all multivitamin.

“I wanted our TV ads to get the message across that the over 50s require specific products targeting bone strength, joint issues, muscle wastage and fatigue. I strongly believe that looking after our musculoskeletal health is probably the most important area to manage as we age.”

Prime Fifty positively encourages remaining active alongside a healthy, balanced diet, something that the company says the advert highlights using activity icons that are similar to emojis.

“The animated ads really bring the Prime Fifty brand to life. I’m delighted with the result and I’m sure this campaign is going to be highly successful – helping to further establish the brand as a strong player in the VMS market,” added Dr Max.

The adverts will run throughout the rest of August and September.

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