Bristol retailer takes lead on gluten-free

Coinciding with a nationwide series of events in May, Bristol independent The Better Food Company has organised a series of tasting sessions, meet-the-producers and other events to showcase its comprehensive range of gluten and wheat free products.

Amanda Pitt, Better Food’s retail manager, said: ‘It’s been fascinating sourcing more and more goods which are gluten-free – we’ve even found a skincare range! It just goes to show that these days you really don’t have to miss out on your favourite foods if you have food allergies and intolerances.’

With visits from local producers, such as Bristol’s Pukka Herbs, and Bath’s Aromafoods, and nationwide brands like Nairns, Better Food promises a customers a lively and informative in-store experience throughout May.

The Better Food Company owns a large shop and café in St Werburghs and a food hall and deli in Clifton. The St Werburghs store is now in its 10th year. Both shops are about 90% organic, and specialise in selling locally produced goods. Over the past year, the retailer has placed increased emphasis on providing exciting alternatives to people with special dietary needs and preferences.

Pitt continues: “One of the most exciting things for me is how our staff have taken to these new products. We love our ‘red dot’ system which helps customers identify relevant products.”

Seeing red: Better Food Company’s colour coding system for gluten-free