Retailer survey aims to help whole trade

Health store retailers across the country are being encouraged to take part in the NAHS Survey 2010.

The survey, which is completely confidential, aims to build up a countrywide picture of the independent health food retail sector. The survey is open to all health food and natural products retailers, not just NAHS members, and asks questions on everything from footfall to top-selling products, staff numbers to supplier support.

As NAHS director Wendy Atkinson explains, the survey’s main beneficiaries are retailers themselves: “The survey gives a nationwide picture of the retail trade. It helps retailers in the south see what works for retailers in the north, it highlights best-selling products and the suppliers who offer best instore material. But it also helps retailers offer tips to each other and share best-practice for the benefit of all independent retailers.

•  To take part in the survey click the link here: