Rude Health sponsors World Bog Snorkelling Championships

Rude Health
Rude Health

Rude Health is sponsoring the 34th annual World Bog Snorkelling Championships being held in Wales on 25 August.

The international annual event held in the UK’s smallest town, Llanwrtyd Wells, features bog-loving swimmers who compete by donning a snorkel and flippers (and often fancy dress) to race two lengths of a 60-yard water-filled trench. Conventional swimming strokes are strictly against the rules.

Explaining the reason behind the sponsorship, Rude Health co-founder Camilla Barnard, says: “We hardly ever sponsor anything, but if I could imagine up an activity which totally encapsulates the Rude Health energy, it would be this. Bog snorkelling is fun, inclusive, batty and competitively uncompetitive. It couldn’t be more in rude health.”

The brand will be serving its dairy-free turmeric lattes and hot chocolates, as well as a range of snacks at the event, the name of which has been changed to The Rude Health World Bog Snorkelling Championships. The Rude Health logo will also appear on the official Bog Snorkelling medal, which all participants receive.

Bob Greenough (Bob From The Bog), who has worked for the competition organizer Green Events since 2007, says: “Bog snorkelling is utterly ridiculous and it’s for everyone, all ages, abilities, shapes and sizes. The championships attract serious athletes but also lots of people in fancy dress who are there to make fun of themselves. Rude Health is a great sponsor for the event because their brand spirit mirrors the spirit of all of our competitors.”