Is your store ready for Organic September? 

The Soil Association is celebrating this year’s Organic September by shining the spotlight on the organic market’s anticipated record growth in September, making sure consumers understand what organic is, and is supporting nation-wide events and organic brand promotions.

Independent retailers across the country are encouraged to spread the word about organic to their shoppers – and maximise the opportunity to gain a significant sales lift throughout the Organic September. Free Point of Sale packs and other a range of Digital assets can be found at:

This year’s promotion includes a powerful ‘Five reasons to to #chooseorganic this September’ message:

1.       Fewer pesticides

2.       No artificial colours & preservatives

3.       Always free range

4.       No routine use of antibiotics

5.       No GM ingredients

The Soil Association will host a trade briefing on Tuesday, 19 September, to reveal the organic market’s growth figures between March and September 2017. The event will highlight the changing face of organic retail in the UK, including presentations from some of the best performing and most innovative organic brands in the UK