Susie Mermaid creates sea-inspired holistic skincare collection

Susie Mermaid
Susie Mermaid

Susie Mermaid has introduced a new natural and organic capsule face and body collection with formulas inspired by the sea and based on sustainably sourced marine algae.

The Susie Mermaid Luxury Skin Therapy Collection has been curated to provide a little escapism for stressful, busy lives, while providing visible restorative results with long-term benefits, says the brand.

The multitasking face products comprise:

  • Ocean Serene Brightening Daily Cleanser which purifies, plumps and hydrates with the help of kelp, papaya and avocado
  • Sirens Glow Firming Radiance Mask – a brightening, complexion-boosting treatment mask designed to tone, brighten and refine using spirulina, green clay and lactic acid
  • Pearl Luminesce Antioxidant Daily Hydration – a lightweight moisturizer formulated to smooth, plump and protect with the key ingredients of kelp, pomegranate oil and zinc
  • Luna Tide Concentrated Night Oil Elixir – an intensive night oil which employs neroli, rosehip and sea buckthorn to replenish, rejuvenate and restore.

The bodycare range features:

  • Sea Goddess Marine Retreat Bath Oil, which aims to replenish, calm and hydrate with spirulina, safflower and rosemary
  • Seaweed Silk Luxe Hydration Body Butter ­– including kelp, jojoba oil and shea butter to nurture, enrich and firm skin.

“I formulated the skincare collection to capture the peaceful luxury of my wellbeing retreats and to transport those therapeutic senses into the fingertips of every mermaid,” explains Mermaid. “The Susie Mermaid skin therapy collection is an extension of the Mermaid Wellbeing retreats and signature treatments – and a continuation of my authenticity within the nurturing realms. Each product is blessed with mermaid spirit before being shipped.”

The products are vegan, cruelty-free and responsibly packaged using recyclable plastic and glass.