The first session of Natural Products Meets – a new initiative which launched on 19 February – is now available to watch again on Diversified Communications’ YouTube channel.

Cheryl Thallon, founder of Viridian Nutrition, was the first participant, interviewed by Carol Dunning, event director for Natural & Organic Products Europe.

Dunning and Thallon covered a broad agenda of topics including the challenges of the past year, forecasts for the future of the natural products industry and how Viridian has operated during the pandemic.

Commenting on the role of retailers during the crisis Thallon, who owns Sheaf Street Health Store in Daventry, said: “I think the industry as a whole has rallied incredibly. Health food stores are at the front line; they genuinely are. Our staff are out there every day, with their masks on, putting themselves at risk to help others. I like to be useful and I’d hate to be in an industry where we weren’t allowed to trade and not allowed to help people – through vitamins obviously, but also just through just the care that health food stores are showing to people.

“I’m very proud to be part of that movement, supporting everyone. There have been so many instances of health food stores going above and beyond what’s needed … to support people through this tragedy really.”

There have been so many instances of health food stores going above and beyond what’s needed

Listen in to Thallon’s insights here.

The next instalment of Natural Products Meets takes place on 19 March when Dunning will be hosting a discussion on Retailing beyond the pandemic. Participants include: Alan Martin, retailer, Food for Thought and Oliver’s Wholefood Store; Jason Pius and John Thurley, co-owners of Love Health & Wellbeing; and Len Glenville and Mel Beard, co-founders of Best Health Food Shop.

To hear how each retailer is adapting their business to navigate the changing situation, reserve a place for the next webinar here.