Product spotlight: hair care

JASON unveils new and improved hair care formulas with clinical testing

Alex Barani, managing director of Kinetic Natural Products Distributor, highlights JASON Natural Care’s relaunch of its everyday shampoo and conditioner range, stating: “This newly reformulated range has been transformed. It offers beautiful results that have been clinically tested to show improvement in hair strength, moisture and thicker, fuller looking hair. Using unique ingredients such as prickly pear, sea kelp and hyaluronic acid this innovative brand is bringing hair care to the next level.

Barani calls the range ‘the go-to brand for those in the know’ and says it’s perfect for ‘savvy students’ and parents on a budget to beauty experts and celebrities. “JASON offers affordable, efficacious products … [the] new and improved reformulated hair care has been clinically tested for proven results.

“Each formula features a unique blend of botanical extracts, vitamins and proteins designed to keep every hair type at its best look and condition. Plus, all products are free from sulphates and gentle enough for daily use, as well as being biodegradable, vegan and cruelty-free.”

A closer look at what’s changed:

Long & Strong Jojoba is now Strong & Healthy Jojoba

Infused with moisture-rich jojoba and castor seed oil, antioxidant-rich chamomile and grapefruit extracts, and strengthening pro-vitamin B5 and quinoa protein, this moisturizing duo helps promote healthy hair growth and prevent breakage and split ends. 

Tested and shown to:

  • protect hair for 2x less breakage
  • repair up to 80% of split ends

Why castor oil? Castor oil has long been used as an ingredient to stimulate hair growth, moisturise the scalp and promote hair growth by stimulating circulation and offering nutrients to the roots, ease dandruff and leave hair smooth and shiny.

Moisturising Aloe Vera is now Intense Moisture 80% Aloe Vera and Prickly Pear

Packed with hydrating IASC-certified aloe vera juice, prickly pear seed oil and shea butter, this nourishing duo deeply restores hair’s moisture balance, leaving hair with a healthy glow.

Tested and shown to:

  • offer 24-hour hydration from root to tip

Why prickly pear? Rich in EFAs and vitamin E to nourish hair, prickly pear also possesses humectant properties which help to smooth hair and fight frizz. For those concerned with sensitivity issues, prickly pear seed oil has anti-inflammatory properties and is often used by those with skin and scalp sensitivities.

Restorative Biotin is now Thicken & Restore Biotin with Hyaluronic Acid

Featuring hair-strengthening biotin, pro-vitamin B5 and hyaluronic acid, this restorative duo helps thicken the hair, repair split ends and prevent future damage.

Tested and shown to:

  • provide 2x less breakage
  • hair looks 2x thicker and fuller in volume
  • repair up to 72% of split ends

Why hyaluronic acid? It helps moisturise the scalp, prevent hair from thinning and falling out. It can even increase the strand diameter of your hair and increase hair growth.

Smoothing Sea Kelp is now Smooth & Shine Sea Kelp with Porphyra Algae

Packed with hydrating and humidity-fighting botanicals, such as sea kelp, shea butter, porphyra algae and grapeseed oil, this smoothing duo weightlessly calms frizz, controls flyaways and adds silky shine and manageability to your hair.

Tested and shown to:

  • provide 2x shinier hair
  • deliver all day frizz control
  • repair up to 72% of split ends

Why porphyra algae? Rich in EFAs to help keep hair smooth and shiny looking, algae also offers a rich mineral profile, including zinc and iron, which are important for hair growth and repair.