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The buddy beautiful

All-natural Australian beauty brand Buddy Scrub aims to clean up in the UK by launching a three-strong range of body scrubs. Featuring natural exfoliating and moisturizing ingredients including invigorating green tea, antioxidant-rich raw cacao powder, hydrating coconut oil and cleansing activated charcoal, the range is aimed at those with dry skin, blemishes, stretch marks and […]

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Spa Technologies offers peel without the burn

New to Spa Technologies’ all-natural seaweed-based skincare range is Flower Peel to promote exfoliation and nourish the skin. Using flower acids extracted from the hibiscus flower – described as the next generation of alpha hydroxyl acids (AHAs) – combined with green tea, laminaria algae, hyaluronic acid, flower (puruvic) acid and seaweed-based gel, the peel aims […]

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Leading chemist develops Innarah natural skincare brand

New brand Innarah, which offers a range of ten skincare and anti-ageing solutions, has been launched by chairman and CEO of Immunocologie, Manzoor Jaffrey. Jaffrey – a chemist who holds the patent for glycolic acid after discovering its anti-aging properties – created the all-natural range using unbuffered glycolic acid, natural botanicals, minerals and oils to […]

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AA Skincare range_onwhite_CMYKhi

AA Skincare goes back to basics

AA Skincare Essentials has been launched in a bid to provide all-natural, back to basics beauty products at competitive prices. The AA Skincare brand was created by aromatherapy and essential oil supplier Amphora Aromatics and this new range is formulated using pure essential oils and natural ingredients. The brand offers solutions for young, teenage skin […]

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Lucy’s Dressings lighten up

All-natural dressings and condiments company Lucy’s Dressings has launched a new ‘slim’ range of dressings which aim to lighten up the category. Suitable for use as a marinade or dressing salads, the offer comprises Light Asian, Light French and Light Raspberry, and was developed to meet the demand for great-tasting but lower calorie options. Lucy’s […]

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Breastfeeding bar emerges from Freida’s Pantry

The UK’s first breastfeeding bar, Freida’s Feeding Food, has been launched by Freida’s Pantry in a bid to provide a healthy way for breastfeeding mums to keep up their energy levels. Creator Sharon Kaur, based the all-natural functional bar on a traditional family recipe used by Eastern women for centuries while breastfeeding and recovering from […]

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BisBas 3 sauces hires

BisBas improves sauces, gets Whole Foods listing

BisBas has launched its improved range of Middle Eastern cooking sauces – which has recently been listed in Whole Foods – in order to offer a healthier and all-natural product range. As well as being gluten-free and nut-free, BisBas sauces are now free from sulphides, artificial flavours, colours and preservatives. The three sauces are Fozia, […]

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