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Green People goes with the grain

Quinoa & Artichoke Shampoo and Conditioner are the two latest products from the Green People organic beauty brand. The products are designed to recharge and reinforce the strength of each hair strand to deliver ultra-soft hair with a sleek shine. Quinoa is used to enhance softness, making hair manageable and easier to style, coating each […]

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Lady Prelox-60

Lady Prelox gets put to the test

A new clinical study has shown that Lady Prelox, dubbed the UK’s first natural ‘pink pill’, can reduce menopause symptoms as well as improve sexual function. The double-blind placebo-controlled study, published in the Journal of Women’s Health Care, studied 80 women between 40 to 50 going through the transitional menopausal period and who had moderate […]

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Sibberi Birch Water group shot

Sibberi brings taste of the forest to UK market

London-based start-up Sibberi has brought its natural Birch Water to the UK market. The only brand with no added sugar, Birch Water is 100% birch sap, tapped straight from the trunk of birch trees, and contains only five calories per 100ml. The sap is naturally enriched with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and amino acids and has […]

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