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Researchers find omega-3s helpful for prostate cancer

In findings that conflict with a 2013 study citing that omega-3 fatty acids increase the risk of prostate cancer, researchers at Washington State University have found a mechanism by which omega-3s actually inhibit the growth and spread of prostate cancer cells. Although studies have shown that these fatty acids can reduce inflammation and fight diabetes, […]

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Erbology launches to offer range of organic superfoods

New London-based brand Erbology has launched a range of organic superfoods and nutritional supplements made from hand-picked, organically grown ingredients with what it says are unique remedial and regenerating qualities. The products contain Sea Buckthorn which has antioxidant properties and is a rich source of vitamins, flavonoids, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. The offer includes […]

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US study offers “clearest cut example yet” of organic’s benefits

A new study by US scientists provides one of the clearest cut examples yet of the nutritional benefits of organic food over conventional, reports the New York Times. Researchers from Washington State University’s Center for Sustaining Agriculture and Natural Resources recently analysed organic whole milk, comparing it with conventional. They found that the organic milk […]

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