Birkenstock wrong-foots beauty world with natural cosmetics range launch

The German footwear company Birkenstock – famous for its iconic cork sandals – used this week’s Vivaness exhibition to preview a comprehensive new range of natural cosmetic products. The trade launch of the Birkenstock Natural Care range, which marks a major departure for the company, caught the natural beauty world by surprise. “The reaction from many people […]

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Eco beads for beauty formulations

After microbeads made headlines after ministers in the UK backed a ban on their use in personal care products due to their environmental impact, German-based formulation provider Worlée has announced an environmentally-friendly solution. Worlée Soft Beads have a special composition that enables them to retain a solid particle form in water-based formulations and emulsions allowing […]

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Local produce trumps organic for German consumers

A survey carried out in eight supermarkets across Germany has found that organically-minded consumers prefer locally produced food to organic food that originates from another country. The study, by Corinna Hempel and Ulrich Hamm, looked at German consumers’ attitudes towards organic food and local food and their purchase behaviour with regard to four different products. […]

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New study finds cocoa flavanols improved heart health

A study published in the British Journal of Nutrition (BJN) has found that consuming cocoa flavanols lowers blood pressure and increases blood vessel function in healthy individuals. The research, by scientists from Germany and the UK provides novel data to indicate that the intake of cocoa flavanols reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease (CVD). […]

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Germany begins move to ban GM crops

Germany has initiated a move to ban the cultivation of GM crops using an opt-out contained in a new EU Directive. Under new rules on GM, individual states can unilaterally ban GM crops even in the case of those officially approved by the EU. In a statement, the German agriculture minister, Christian Schmidt, stressed that Germany […]

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Pravera brings Khadi colour to UK

Pravera has signed an agreement to distribute German herbal hair colour brand Khadi in the UK and Ireland. The range, which consists of nine products – eight herbal hair colours and an intensive conditioner – is vegan, BDIH-certified and free from peroxide, ammonia, preservatives, and synthetic or artificial colours and dyes. Khadi’s colouring agents coat […]

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