Bounce’s new flavour bursts onto the scene

The newest addition to the Bounce Energy Balls range is the Cacao and Orange Protein Burst variety, designed to ‘stop you reaching for those pesky sweet treats’. Aiming to keep you fuller for longer, the Cacao and Orange Protein Burst is a mix of cacao nibs, whey protein and sunflower seeds, providing protein and fibre […]

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Savse gets glowing with Madeleine Shaw

Smoothie brand Savse has unveiled a range of premium ‘super juices’, Get the Glow, in collaboration with celebrity nutritionist Madeleine Shaw. Consisting of three varieties – Protein Punch, Sea Green and Raspberry Beets –the range is produced with raw fruit and veg using high pressure processing (HPP). Protein Punch is the UK’s first high protein […]

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Breastfeeding bar emerges from Freida’s Pantry

The UK’s first breastfeeding bar, Freida’s Feeding Food, has been launched by Freida’s Pantry in a bid to provide a healthy way for breastfeeding mums to keep up their energy levels. Creator Sharon Kaur, based the all-natural functional bar on a traditional family recipe used by Eastern women for centuries while breastfeeding and recovering from […]

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